Thursday, July 08, 2004

I stumbled upon today's entry at This Modern World, which links to a video report at a German TV newsmagazine site that children are being held and abused by US forces in Abu Ghraib. as well as "interned" at a camp in Um-Qasr. I watched the video, but I only understood obvious German words like "kinder" and "Abu Ghraib."

There's a post on the topic at that includes a partial translation of the video.

This is and isn't news ... I have seen previous references to the torture of children at Abu Ghraib, some acts of which were apparently shown in some of the images seen only by members of congress and some journalists, but not released to the public. Said Seymour Hersh, who did view all the photos: "You haven't begun to see evil."

And for those of you who think electing democrats will/would have made a big difference: ever notice how mum John Kerry keeps on the topic of the US in Iraq? Wouldn't it just be a little more comforting to vote for someone who at least has the balls to show a little disgust at things that rightfully disgust good people?

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