Monday, August 30, 2004

Addicted to the spanish teenyboppers soap opera ...

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Like any self-respecting sick person, I sat around on the couch and watched a little TV today. Now I need to stay home again tomorrow just so I can figure out what the deal is on "Corazones al Limite" ("Hearts at the Limit"). My Spanish is pretty decent, but I don't understand everything on the telenovelas because there's just too much going on and the people don't look directly at you and enunciate correctly like newsreaders and people who want to make sure the the gringa understands them.

Anyway, so I watched "Corazones Al Limite" and it's like a completely over-melodramatic "Beverly Hills 90210" in Spanish and with a lot more makeup. I'm hooked--I think. There's a new girl at school and she's in love with the boy hottie and he with her, except that the totally psycho girl (see photo above) is also in love with him and manages to convince the new girl that she's hottie boy's girlfriend, even though she's not. Hottie boy is too stupid or nice to tell psycho girl to step off, and instead he just stands there looking helpless and hot until his friends drag him off to play basketball. Now new girl doesn't want to speak to him anymore.

Meanwhile, another girl is having a breakdown because her parents got divorced when she was 2 and she still feels responsible for it, or something. She and her friends (including new girl) are busted by sexily-dressed and overly made up teacher (who apparently is engaged to the principal) for sitting on the stairs bawling about it all instead of going to class.

Meanwhile, psycho girl may be somehow involved in the death of someone named Gabriella (I think) but she manages to convince hottie boy to lie to the police detective and say she was with him (HB is beautiful but spineless, it seems.) PG gets called into the principal's office at school and overhears him talking on the phone to Pilar, with whom he is apparently having an affair even though he's supposed to be engaged to sexily-dressed-but-overly-made-up teacher. Upon leaving principal's office, psycho girl immediately informs SDBOMU teacher that principal is two-timing her and planning to go out with his paramour that very night. SDBOMU teacher heads immediatly to principal's office, telling bawling girl and her friends that they're off the hook for detention that day.

So now how will I know what's going to happen next? I suppose I could tape it, but it would be a lot more fun just to stay home from work again. I really do feel like crud, and I have swollen, painful glands in my neck. It would be for the common good, keeping these germs out of general circulation and all ...

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