Sunday, August 01, 2004

Bad hair day ....

When I lived in Chicago there was this great haircut place called "Hot Hair" (it was on Roscoe just west of Damen ... I don't know if it's still there because the neighborhood was in the process of "gentrifying" when I left and I bet their rent went through the roof). There were cool stylists who gave cool haircuts for only $8. I always got what I asked for, or if I wasn't sure what I wanted I always got good advice.

I mention this because I now live in "haircut hell." There are no good haircut places around here, no matter how much I'm willing to pay. Last time I went, I told the guy what I wanted, and he looked at me for a minute the way Gomey does when I talk to him, and then he said "Do you want to see a book of haircuts?" I said no, I want (insert description of desired haircut here). Again he gave me the look and said "I'll get one of our haircut books." So I looked and finally found a haircut I wouldn't be afraid to be caught dead in (the books never have hairstyles that actual people wear) and I said "Like this only not so short here and here." And the guy proceded to give me some haircut that must have occured to him the last time he got stoned.

In fact I was ready to borrow Rick!s Flowbee, if it weren't for the fact that he didn't actually own one.

So anyway, I was in Ho Foods ("Because ho's gotta eat too") yesterday, and I saw a young woman with the exact haircut I wanted. Lucky for me Mark had his digital camera on him (it was one of the rare times I was without mine), so I borrowed it and proceeded to ask the girl if I could take a picture of her haircut. She was a good sport and said yes, probably thinking that she would gladly do whatever she needed to get this freaky person to go away ...

Now, picture in hand, I go boldly forth to get a haircut. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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