Saturday, August 14, 2004

Everyone is fine here ...

...although things aren't so fine in Florida. So I feel bad talking about what an uneventful day it was here. We got rain and gray skies and I made tamales (they were OK--not as good at the ones at El Cuscatleco). And I've been looking at photos of the destruction in Florida (The Palm Beach Post has the best coverage, I think. Plus they don't make you register to read their content, so they get the link from me)

Myrtle Beach just got a Cat 1 storm, and my mom said there's tree debris everywhere but everything is fine. And Mark got to do what he wanted and ride out a hurricane on Sassafrass, anchored out in the middle of Smith Creek. Silly person. Everything was fine, but he said it was scary and not pleasant, so maybe he'll have no desire to ever do it again.

This site has some video of the storm, although these folks were about 10 miles from the center. (You have to scroll down to August 13--he didn't put his permalinks in.)

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