Saturday, August 14, 2004

Poor little dog ...

So I was outside pondering what to do with some of the stuff on my porch should the winds get uppity, and I kept hearing a little dog yapping nearby. I've heard the dog before, but since we're expecting heavy rain/hurricanes/tornadoes (select all that apply), I thought it wasn't the best time for a little yappy dog to be outdoors. So I walked down to check on it (it's four doors down), and the poor little raggamuffin--it's a little white scruffy dog--is chained to a portable basketball hoop with no shelter. Since it's broad daylight I felt I needed to be law-abiding, so I called the animal shelter to ask what I can legally do for this dog. They told me I had to call 911 and have them page animal control, who would then call me back. So now I'm waiting ...

And I'm thinking why the hell do people get dogs just to chain them up outside? What is wrong with people? What the hell makes them think that getting a dog and then subjecting it to a life of lonely misery, exposed to weather extremes, chained in the same filthy, muddy place day after day, is a good thing to do? I hate it when people let animals roam at large, but that's a hell of a lot more humane than chaining them up. But since this dog is just a piece of property in the eyes of the law, I'd be stealing it if I gave it shelter from the approaching storm. I hate people sometimes.

I want to grab my camera and get a photo of the poor thing to post here, but I'm waiting for the animal control folks to call.

Meanwhile, Mark has decide that he's safer hanging out in Oriental than trying to drive back through Charley's projected path. I agree, but now I get to worry about him. And my mom in Myrtle Beach. And that poor little dog.

UPDATE: I am very happily mistaken in my assumption that the little dog is always chained outdoors. His humans have apparently brought him indoors. Or killed him, I don't know which. Oh yeah, and the animal control guy fianally called back, but it was right after I ascertained that the dog is no longer outdoors.

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