Wednesday, August 04, 2004

That could have been me ...

Yesterday I sent $20 to someone I don't even know (well, she's actually a friend of someone I do kind of know, so it wasn't completely out of the blue). It was in response to this post from a woman named Charlotte at Christa's blog, where I read this:
I need your help! Please, please, please read to the bottom of this message and do you what you can. I'm desperate, and need your support.

Saturday night I was driving through the intersection of Cornwallis & Academy when I saw a small black dog in the street. I stopped the car and tried to lure the dog off the road, but instead he darted away from me into traffic and was hit by a car... right in front of me.

I took the dog (a small, adorable dachshund) to the emergency vet down the street where he was quickly diagnosed with two fractured ribs (which will likely heal on their own) and a fractured pelvis. Thankfully, there were no internal injuries. But this dog is in pain and very, very scared. He shakes constantly.

This traumatic experience has affected me very deeply. I cannot abandon this dog. Even though he was wearing a collar (no tags), and even though I have posted flyers about him in the neighborhood, I have not heard from his owners. I have cried alot this weekend... my heart breaks when I think of that little dog trying to run from the scene of accident... but he couldn't, because of his injuries.

Damn! I've gotten out of my car many times before to catch (or try to catch) dogs in danger of getting hit on busy streets. Mark (who tells me I'm not allowed to bring home dogs) actually brought one traffic-threatened dog home, where he stayed for seven months until we found him a new family. So when Charlotte pleaded for donations to cover surgery for the little guy, I knew I had to give her something not just because I wanted to help someone in need, but because it could easily have been me in her shoes.

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