Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Lady, you obviously don't have enough to worry about ....

This kind of thing is what irritates me about people: Some lady in Illinois is upset because a business called "The Bas Ass Coffee Company" is moving in to her crummy little town. "I just can't see going up and saying, 'Can I have a Bad Ass mocha please." Fine, lady. So don't. Go make your own coffee in your safe little house and drink it with your boring friends. Apparently the woman is afraid her children will learn to say the word "ass." Said she: "How do I tell my children that it is inappropriate to use this type of language, but it is acceptable to use it for a store name?"

Should I rethink my "Fucking Huge Burritos" franchise idea?

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Anonymous said...

"bad ass coffee" speaks confidence. i'd rather get caffeinated there than a place that names itself after the poor quality of its product (e.g. "Eww, La Latte").