Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Hollow inside, I was hollow inside ...

... and I couldn't find out what the reason was why I was hollow inside ...

Oh, hello!

The weekend went swimmingly, for anyone who may be wondering how my dog and I did at our agility demo. We did 3 demos on Saturday and two on Sunday, and we finally did the course absolutely perfectly on our last run. The cool thing is that the crowd loves it when you mess up--it's cute and funny. And anyway, the purpose of the demo was to show people that you, yes you, can do agility with that dog that's hogging your sofa right now. You don't need a border collie, and you certainly don't have to be as good as the people they show competing in the "Champion of the Universe" agility competions on Animal Planet. Anyway, we showed how we teach some of the equipment and even brought up an audience dog and got it to go through a short tunnel. So it was actually useful to have a few goof-ups now and then so it didn't look as intimidating to people. Then it's easier to ensnare them into our cult of obsessive dog-training ... (One of us! One of us! One of us!)

Anyway, right now I'm listening to some of the cds I took for review this week, and it's killing me. Except for the Arhoolie The Roots of The Narcocorrido compilation, they're boring me (I'm not going to name them here because I doubt you'll ever hear of them and I know for a fact that the bands are busily googling themselves right now and they'll find me and then I don't want to deal with any correspondence regarding a band I've trashed). So anyway, I don't feel like listening to the cds all the way through, but then that makes me feel guilty that perhaps I'm not giving them a chance ... Honestly, I just want to listen to the Buzzcocks right now: "Hollow inside, I was hollow inside ..." Is that so wrong?

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