Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Apropos of nothing ...

I like comic books the way I like Elvis: as artifacts they can be fascinating, but not infinitely so, and they're definitely not worth obsessing over (unless you are Leesh/Wordnerdy and then your comic book obsession is just fine!) (Also, on the Elvis thing, I really like the song "Suspicious Minds.")

But I always, always love a good, biting quote, so as someone who has occasionally been cornered at a social function by a Comic Book Guy, I thoroughly appreciated this one (it was in an NYT review of Alias' fourth season):
Let's be honest. Many of us don't like comic books and have feigned interest in their jumpy bif-bam fighting scenes and the way they redeem loser guys, only to impress and minister to those loser guys. And now we can admit that while the redemption dynamic - little X-Men boys finding in their eccentricity and loneliness a superpower - is touching, there's nothing duller than listening to someone explain, in all seriousness, the Syndicate and the Shadow Force and the Hard Drive and the Plutonium Lance. And the characters: lame. One is good and the other is evil, and then one is evil pretending to be good, and then one is good pretending to be evil.

I don't know why I felt like sharing that, I just did.

And I hate Alias, by the way, only in part because I find Jennifer Garner actually painful to look at, which is why the opening quote of the review almost made me chuckle out loud:
What you think of "Alias" depends a lot on what you think of Jennifer Garner. If the actress's great beauty suggests to you infinite variety, then the show's claim to profundity, which it makes with ponderous attention to Ms. Garner's face, will ring true. But if Ms. Garner's winning modes - smiling and dimply, or precociously solemn, jaw set like an Eagle Scout - seem merely like two tricks she's being forced to repeat in place of acting, then the series is a bore.


andrew said...

When you say "I hate Alias, by the way, only in part because I find Jennifer Garner actually painful to look at" do you mean:

a) you don't hate Alias entirely, but the reason you hate it partially is Jennifer Garner
b) You hate Alias, but only part of the reason you hate it is JG's looks
c)none of the above

Anyway, I know what you mean. She remionds me a lot of Josh Hairnet
I saw the movie Wicker Park the otherday. If you have seen the original then it is disappointing, but really only because Josh Hairnet is so wooden. He has three facial tics and none of them can represent an emotion. In the original Vincent Cassel is the exact opposite. If Matthew Liillard was in the lead rather than playing the goofy friend.

wordnerdy said...

heh, thanks for the special dispensation. note that the comics i read generally don't conform to the exceprt you quoted--which was hilarious, by the way.

i've never seen alias. everyone always tells me i'd like it, but my heart only has room for one currently-running kickass girl tv show, and that show for me is veronica mars.

Lisa B. said...

Leesh--I knew you were into cool comix!

Andrew: the answer is "b) You hate Alias, but only part of the reason you hate it is JG's looks."

If I had written that sentence better you may not have been prompted to comment, though, so here's to unclear writing!

The show had great promise in the beginning and I wanted to like it, but it didn't live up to its promise. If it had, I think I could have endured having my eyeballs abraded by JG's harsh features.

I didn't see Wicker Park mostly because I couldn't find a single review that had anything good to say about it. (My favorite Mr. Cranky quote: "Josh Hartnett seems to be pimping for a bust in the Keanu Reeves Acting Hall of Fame.") I think I will avoid ever seeing it, the same way I have successfully avoided ever seeing Forrest Gump. If the opportunity arises I would probably watch L'Appartment, however, just because even if it sucks I can pretend I'm actually improving my quite limited French by watching it.

andrew said...

All I can say about wicker park is that in the second half it starts to pick up the pace of the original. In l'Appartement the intrigue and suspense are great, and the cast can actually act. I had never seen a movie with Josh Haircut in it before and I was quite amazed by his total lack of ability. It was like as joke a bunch of Hollywood directors, prodcucers, casting agents etc., had decided to put a total no-hoper in a string of movies to see how people would respond. (I must mention Diane Kruger though - acting opposite the most wooden actor I have ever seen she did a great job of almost being as terrible and emotionless.)

Lisa B. said...

Andrew, I think you need to add a periodic feature to your blog called "The Super Nova Scotian Rents a Movie" where you talk about what you're watching. Winter in Nova Scotia is probably a good time to get some movie-watching done.

andrew said...

Indeed after heating and loan repayments, DVD rental is our biggest expense at the moment. If we could get digital cable in this backwater then it would be cheaper to get all 100 channels and all the movie channels than to spend what we spend on DVDs at the moment. Hopefully the digital cable thing will happen in the next month or tow, along with - sigh - broadband internet access.