Monday, January 31, 2005

spring rolls for lunch!

spring rolls!
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Thanks to Elizabeth's suggestion, I have lunch today. Spring rolls! They were extremely easy to make. They aren't anywhere near as good as "real" spring rolls from Kim Son or Dalat, but if I study up on what exactly to put in them (instead of just picking veggies I thought of off the top of my head in the produce section), I may be able to come close. The first batch I made lacked cilantro just because I forgot about how essential it is. I bought some, and today I shall have cilantro-y spring rolls. I also didn't make my own peanut sauce, as Alicia suggested, but I think I will because I don't like the peanut sauce I bought.

The problem now is that I just started craving a hamburger ...


Elizabeth said...

I'm glad it worked out. Sorry I forgot to mention the cilantro... They look real pretty though.

calvo said...

even better than reg'lar old cilantro...if you can get your hands on some vietnamese cilantro (tough to do if you don't have a nice asian market handy), you'll be even more authentic.

I usually use hoisin sauce with spring rolls.

back in my carnivorous days, we also used to sliced boiled shrimp and pork to use...that should make them more filling.