Thursday, February 10, 2005


So they (the IT people at work) wiped my machine and reinstalled the system. I was a nomad for most of the day yesterday while they worked on it. So when I got it back, I promptly reinstalled QuarkXPress because I'm working on a book that needs to get printed sooner or later, and it's in Quark. But Quark won't go. When I launch it, I get a runtime error (I mean "Runtime Error!" because that's how the little message box puts it, as if it's a very exciting occurrence indeed). Uninstall, reinstall, reboot, yada yada yada ... same thing. Fiddle fiddle fiddle tweak ... the IT people are flummoxed. I want to become a dolphin trainer.

Also, my cd burner, which was just ducky before the re-install, is no longer ducky.

The good news is that it's almost lunchtime.


leff said...

Are there patches/updates to quark on the quark website that may have been installed before but aren't on the install cds?

same goes for windows. if everything is updated to the teeth then, uh, make the IT people give you a new computer.

Sarah said...

Quark now offers free tech support, all you need is a serial number. The phone number is on their website. When I upgraded the system on my Mac, QuarkXpress stopped working for me too. The guy at tech support fixed it easily.

Tell me if you get a guy named Harry. I have a theory that all their tech support guys are using the same name.

Lisa B. said...

It's all good now. Long story, but the reinstalled the first time from a snapshot, but I happened to be running Windows 2000, so that's what they reinstalled. So then when the new problems commenced, they suggested they take it away again and put XP on it, so I said sure, why not. Seems to be working fine now ...

The funny thing is, I'm getting a new computer anyway. They're on order, but nobody knows when they will arrive. So I get to go through installing everything yet again when they get here.

And Sarah--good to know about Quark! we may need that sometime (even though I'm migrating my work to InDesign because it's finally surpassed Quark in usefulness, IMO.