Friday, February 18, 2005

I love music.

First, another advance notice: I'm the Mondo Mundo deejay tomorrow. 1-3 pm (eastern), 88.7 if you're local, if you're not. I think the theme of my show will be "Utter Chaos" and I will attempt to juxtapose songs that have absolutely no relation to each other, regionally or stylistically.

The gawdawful tedious boring thing I was doing at work all week is done. (In case you're curious, I was doing pre-press troubleshooting and then outputting to our platemaker a book that was composed outside of our office by an idiot. It was fraught with problems. I got the job because I'm clever about untangling other people's messes.) I have other work that I should have immediately jumped into, but I have no mind right now. I just want to listen to music.

And listen I have! (Except that my co-workers keep trying to talk to me--people get chatty on Friday afternoons. NO! I want MUSIC!!) I was finally able to sink my teeth into two (two!) sampler cds that birdw0rks sent me. (I liked them!) And, I've received some mp3s from Big Al Davies that I've enjoyed quite a bit (I'm quite fond of "Landlubber"). But wait, that's not all--Brandon Whitesell, a guy who works here, brought me his band's cd yesterday. The band's called Close and their release party is tomorrow night at the Bickett Gallery in Raleigh. They'll be playing with May Family Reunion, whose cd Brandon lent me several months ago, but without a track listing. So I may have to go just to find out the names of the songs I've been listening to all this time ...

Hey, it's almost time to go home!!

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