Monday, February 28, 2005

Meme time!

OK, No more futzing around, here’s my turn at the meme Sarah passed along (Lisa did it, too):

10 things I’ve done that you probably haven’t :

1. Played the parts of a singing midget and a drunken Santa in storefront-theatre productions.
2. Sang “Copacabana” in a packed Karaoke bar in Oakland, CA.
3. Was once on CNN talking about condoms.
4. Once took a jar of Marmite on a pleasant sight-seeing trip around Raleigh, NC.
5. Got to watch a Ku Klux Klan grand wizard get the shit beaten out of him by someone I knew.
6. Interviewed Joey Ramone over the phone.
7. Hung out with the Minutemen before a show in Radford, VA shortly before d. boon’s untimely death.
8. Once threw up on the feet of a cute guy in Southwest Harbor, ME.
9. With a friend, placed a small plastic statue of Warren G. Harding on the steps of the scale-model Parthenon in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where it stayed for at lease 3 months (maybe longer ... we don’t know).
10. Gave a bag of Skittles to the guitar player of Blind Melon in the Columbia, MO, airport (at least I’m pretty sure it was the guitar player ... I wasn’t a fan so I could be mis-remembering).


andrew said...

This might sound like a strange question, but the small plastic statue of Warren G. Harding wasn't from a carton of Life cereal, per chance?

Lisa B. said...

A perfectly valid and normal question, Andrew! The answer is I don't know. It was in a big bag of assorted little plastic toys I had bought at a thrift shop. The details of its adventures before it entered that plastic bag are unknown.

andrew said...

I was just wondering as a friend of mine here in Bear River has a small plastic figure of FDR ("In a rare standing pose", as my friend commented). He got it in a recent reissue of these presidential figures from Life cereal. As a child in the 60s Life first issued this series and he collected ten figures - all FDR as they seemed to be the only ones Life was putting in their boxes.

calvo said...

I wondered if I'd be able to come up with 10. I did but, since I don't have a blog, I'll hijack bunchofpants' comments just for fun:

1) been born on a tropical island
2) been accused on two continents of looking like a particular pro tennis player
3) played basketball while riding a donkey
4) went sledding through corn fields while tied to the back of a dirt bike
5) spent a week rafting in utah with a star from the Porky's movies
6) used red dec-a-cake to make blood for a fake bullet wound (to the head)
7) used an ice axe to "self-arrest" while sliding down a snowy mountain
8) competed in an international dragon boat race
9) slid down the side of a volcano on my butt
10) mailed postcards to antarctica

Lisa B. said...

Get your own blog, Calvo! ;D

Nah, I'm happy to host your list here. Anyone else who ain't got a blog is welcome, too! I want to slide down the side of a volcano on my butt! Which volcano?

Andrew, does your friend still have his incredible plastic FDR army? That would be cool! If so, see if you can get a photo!

calvo said...

Thanks, Lisa. You're too good to me!

The volcano was Mt. Saint Helens. I believe the technical term for it is a seated glissade, but it's much more fun my way.