Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Borborygmus, for lack of a better title ...

Hi-diddley-ay, neighbors.

I'm in my second day of the 7:30-4:00 schedule, and based on my experiences yesterday it is totally worth riding with the enemy. I would feel better about it if I could drive a Sparrow like Earthworm does, but my commute is 26 miles, and the Sparrow needs a charge after 25. Plus I don't think there are electrical outlets in my parking deck (although I've never actually checked.) Anyway, leaving work at 4 pm on a sunny and warm day is heavenly.

I'm still in camera-obsession mode, and I keep doing want/need analyses to justify my choice of camera before I actually buy it. There are cheaper models that would suffice while the slightly more expensive model would rock. The problem with want/need analyses is the basic fact that I don't technically NEED a new digital camera in the first place. The old one still takes pictures in its crippled LCD-less state. They are not as good as they might be if I had the use of the LCD screen because I can't change the white balance or exposure compensation, but using Photoshop I can make them decent. So every time I think "Well I don't need 7.2 megapixels, so I should just get the DSC-P100 or the DSC-W5," I then immediately think "Well I don't actually need a new camera so why not just get the stupid DSC-P200 that I want and stop obsessing over this stupid decision." (And I'm sort of glossing right over the fact that a digital camera itself is not a necessity because honestly, I'd just DIE if I didn't have one!)

Complicating my obsessive hyperanalytic state is that while I was away playing flyball over the weekend, Mr. Financial Responsibility himself (aka Mr. Pants or "Mark") went out and bought himself a brand-new camera. He really didn't need one because his Olympus works just fine. But he blamed it on me, saying that my mention of the Fuji Finepix E510 in a previous blog entry prompted him to do some research on it, which in turn brought the Fuji Finepix E-550 to his attention, causing him to learn that it had all of the features he wanted that his Olympus didn't have. So he went out and bought it. I must note that he duly expressed chagrin at his irresponsible consumer behavior, but he's quite happy with his new camera. I must admit, the E-550 has almost everything I want in a camera as well, except that I'd have to buy all new memory as it doesn't take Memory Sticks.

Having again bored you silly with all of this camera talk, I will close by mentioning that I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my copy of Super Nova Scotian's book The Papyrus Voice, which may be purchased by one and all from It's technically a "young adult" book but then I never really bothered to grow up so I think it will suit me just fine.

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andrew said...

Hi Lisa

Thanks for the mention of The Papyrus Voice. My friends who have bought a copy so far admit mostly to a) enjioyment and b) the shame of enjoying a young adult book. It is a rip roaring page turner and I encourage everyone to look at the website for more info. Three strong female lead charachters, vampires (good guys), priests (bad guys), and none of that holy water and crucifixes rubbish, plus a really suspenseful plot.

Did I blow my own trumpet enough yet? Does it at least sound more interesting than digital cameras?