Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday?

I say Great Friday because I get the day off of work! I feel like engaging in a pagan ritual in honor of it! (I use the same joke year after year since I started this job.)

But what ticks me off is that yesterday was a very pretty day, with blue skies and happy little clouds, and of course I had to work. Today is grey and misty/rainy, so the yard work I was planning is not looking so fun. I am going to got get some grass seed and splash it about the back yard, though. It's supposed to be a rainy weekend and it will get the little seedies nice and soaked.

Then I'm off to Charlotte for a flyball tournament. It seems to rain on the weekend of this particular tournament every year. We play indoors, but the problem is that you have to take the dogs outside a lot because they have important doggie business to do there. So it all becomes a muddy, miserable mess after a while. At least it's not an agility trial in which we'd be out running around with our dogs in the mess.


andrew said...

Stupid Ayatollahs up here in Nova Scotia have issued a fatwa saying that not only all stores have to shut on Sundays but also on good friday so Heidi gets the day off but can't do anything she wanted to get done with her weekend. Why can't they just sy you get 10 public holidays, taken them when you want them. Tat way we are not forced into these christian charades.

Lisa B. said...

Eww--that's almost like mandatory religion!

B. W. Ventril said...

But mandatory religion creates more atheists! At least it worked for me.

andrew said...

That is true in my case. My parents didn't ram religion down my throat but my elementary and high schools - both supposedly secular - did. Result: one barking atheist.

However, I now realise that a lot of the indoctrination that goes on is actually effective and that a lot of poeople get sucked in for life. I realise that more now I live in a different place where religion has afflicted more lives (like mine - I couldn't buy gin on a Friday yesterday)

I think even worse than people who truly believe the rot, is those who say "yeah, I'm a christian" when the census taker calls, and who christen their kids and do nothing else. They let religion permeate throgough all walks of life.

B. W. Ventril said...

Okay, prayer in school is one thing, but being denied the right to buy gin? That's just barbaric.