Monday, March 14, 2005

Maya hee, maya hoo ...

Arrgh. This place sucks compared to Ecuador. My job is even more boring and tedious than before I left.

I also have that "Numa Numa" song stick in my head. I had seen that video the week before I went to Ecuador and got a big kick out of it. (I identify with the guy in the video--I occasionally feel like doing chair dances here at work but the environment inhibits me). So then in Quito we were on a crowded, hot local bus heading up to Mitad Del Mundo when the song came on the radio, which was playing very loudly on the bus. I entertained myself with a vision of everyone on the bus breaking into the Numa Numa dance as if we were all in a musical ... but I guess it's a good thing we didn't because it was so crowded we could've put somebody's eye out.

Sigh ... now I'm here in this dreary stupid office just counting the minutes until lunch time. I made tamales yesterday, and then I forgot to bring any this morning, so I've got to go find some lunch.

Most of my lunch time will be spent posting some of my Ecuador photos to Flickr. There are hundreds. Too many, really. Maybe looking at them will cheer me up. Maybe I should watch the Numa Numa video again ...

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