Tuesday, March 01, 2005

One more reason ...

I think I mentioned before that I'm going to avoid the guinea pig menu item when I go to Ecuador. Well I stumbled across another reason to avoid it that gets around the whole issue of where I draw the lines between animals that are OK to eat and those that are not (a discussion that makes me want to tell people to fuck off): It's just not very good. In fact, it sounds bloody awful, based on a passage I read in The Panama hat Trail by Tom Miller:
Finally, Sr. Toral brought out our roasted guinea pig and set it on the table. As large as a rat, it's cousin, our cuy looked liked the victim of a forest fire. It had been sliced across the stomach so that each of us could get half. Short, stubby hairs stuck out through its cooked skin. Tiny pointed teeth gave the dead guinea pig's face a sly grin. I took the rear half.

The skin had ducklike crispness, crunchy but tasteless. Inside, there were so many small bones and so much fat and gristle that finding meat to chew on proved difficult. Despite its size, cuy is definitely a finger food; forks and knives proved irrelevant. The meat, once I found some, tasted spongy, like overcooked rabbit. Juice oozed from all over; guinea pig is a five-napkin food.

So that pretty much settles it. I mean, just reading that passage made me a little queasy.

Oh, and here's your advance warning: I'll be on the radio tomorrow evening, 8-10. So stay away from 88.7 FM if you're local or wxdu.org or you might accidentally hear me.


B. W. Ventril said...

My rule: if it's not a primate then it's fair game. Except for civets. Clearly civets are a bad idea.

andrew said...

Why eat civet when you can drank its crap instead?

Lisa B. said...

I always wonder what on earth people who try these kinds of things for the first time are thinking. Did some Sumatran wake up one day and say "Crap, I'm all out of coffee. Wait a minute, those damn civets run around shitting coffee beans all over the place. Why don't I just go rummage through their excrement until I get enough for a nice cup of joe?"

Nyx said...

Eat stuff that you think tastes good, whether it's swan, pig or refried beans. Don't eat too much of any one thing. Your perception of what tastes good are influenced by society, genetics, and mental conditioning. You probably should avoid eating carnivores, your own species and anything that is particularly high in toxic chemicals. That's about my entire argument ;)