Wednesday, March 16, 2005

peep peep

I have been teetering on the verge of vegetarianism for the past few months. Way back when I lived in Wisconsin I refrained from meat for four years, but it was easy there. Madison was full of other vegetarians. My reasoning was never really from the "It's wrong to kill and eat animals" point of view, but more from the idea that it's generally healthier and not as bad on the environment if we don't eat so much meat. Killing fewer animals is just a side bonus. So when I moved to Chicago and led a busier life in which being a vegetarian wasn't as easy, the vegetarian diet dedication waned, and soon I was eating whatever, whenever. (I gained weight, too). In the past few months I've been rethinking my meat-eating (goaded on by a post or two from frograbbitmonkey, who was musing about going back to vegetarianism herself).

Anyway, while in Ecuador we visited an open-air livestock market (not really on purpose) in a town called Saquisili. It made me certain that at the very least I wasn't going to eat any more meat in Ecuador. But I've kinda decided that maybe I'll extend that and stop eating meat altogether. I wasn't really eating a lot of it to begin with, so it won't require a total revamping of my diet. I'm not very good at being dietarily dogmatic, though, and I'm sure I'll let a few things with ingredients like gelatin and rennet in them slip through the cracks.

For example, tomorrow is the inauguration of a tradition wherein once a month we will bring foodlike items to the office to celebrate all the month's birthdays in our division. I'm ambivalent about participating, but then I had the idea to bring in Marshmallow Peeps as my contribution. After that idea, I was really into the whole thing and looking forward to it. But, as Rakka points out, Peeps are not vegetarian becauase they contain gelatin, which is made from bones, of course. But I kinda don't give a crap ... I probably won't eat any of them anyway as I'm not that wild about them (I can stand a bite or two, but then they just get too overpowering in their marshmallowness. I just want to see what people at work do when confronted with a plateful of Peeps. It's scientific research. Maybe I'll get a few photos with my raggedy-ass busted camera.

Oh yeah, and I'll be on the radio tonight, 8-10. 88.7 FM if you're local, if you're not.


georg said...

Unrelated to the current content, but just wanted to offer my congratulations on A Complete Bunch of Pants moving to the head o' the asswich class again.

Lisa B. said...

Wow, and I was on vacation even! perhaps I owe it to my bud Matt:

He gave me two asswich links. It just goes to show that laziness truly is it's own reward. Do nothing and you will be asswich #1.