Thursday, April 21, 2005

Happy dog!

I just got back from agility class with Lucy, after her week off to recuperate from whatever her injury was. She was quite happy to be out there. I was a little nervous because I was afraid that whatever was injured in her leg before would become re-injured with the activity, but she seems to be fine. She's tired from the class, though, and right now she's in the "dead dog" yoga position at the foot of my chair. If I had my camera next to me I'd snap her photo and post it, but the act of walking to the next room to get it would rouse her and she'd have to follow me. She's not acting at all freaky, which seems to ber her response to pain, so I think all is well.

I'm taking a vacation day tomorrow to drive to Myrtle Beach so I can hang with my mom. We're entered in an agility trial there on Saturday, and I'm nervous because it's a Really Big Deal Agility Trial, the USDAA's "Spring Festival." They will be taping events for television so I think they're going to be uptight (for example, I can't wear my PBH Agility t-shirt because only USDAA-authorized logos are allowed in the ring.) There's really no danger that Lucy and I will end up on television, though, because we'll be in the Starters ring, where dogs often run around with the "zoomies" or, in Lucy's case, decide it's a perfect time for a "happy roll" in the nice, soft grass. They usually only show the Master's level competitors on TV--the ones who make agility look like something ordinary people could never do with their ordinary dogs. (It also seems like most of the agility dogs they show on TV are border collies, too. So then people--like my own brother--say things like "I want to get a border collie so I can do agility and flyball with it" as if merely acquiring the dog is all it really takes.)

Anyway, I hope I'm wrong and the trial is not uptight and unfun. We'll see.

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