Friday, April 15, 2005

Happy freakin' Friday

The Colonel
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I don't often blog the photos of others but the one above is absolutely brilliant.

In other news, we were talking just now at work about WTF was up with the old "Virginia Is For Lovers" tourism slogan, when a co-worker asked what North Carolina's slogan is. I happen to know that even though it's often referred to as "The Old North State" or "Cackalacky" and our license plates say "First In Flight" (a claim contested by Ohio), the official state slogan is "Not Nearly As Rednecky As South Carolina."


wordnerdy said...

i miss the old pennsylvania slogan. when i was growing up, our license plates said "you've got a friend in pennsylvania," which of course is a reference to our amish/quaker population, but also is a nice thought.

the new license plates just have the state url. how inspiring!

Elizabeth said...

I read one time that the SC Highway beautification program's motto was "Beat North Carolina."

r4kk4 said...

um, not to be picky or anything, but the virginia slogan is "virginia is for LOSERS".

all of those "va is for lovers" bumperstickers were typos.

Anonymous said...

North Carolina: One less chromosome

Justin Dohrmann said...

North Carolina: At least we don't serve all of our booze in airplane bottles.

doesn't really roll off the tounge like I thought it would..

As for Virginia being for losers: