Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My head is spinning ....

... in a good way, thanks to Helen Love. It's like what would happen if the Ramones had suddenly decided to embrace cheesy Europop. And they (she? I think it's a group and not a person), which for some reason is a big bonus in my book. Anyway, I'm listening to the "Bubblegum Killers EP", and the only think bad I can say about it is that it's only 5 songs long ... of course if it were much longer, it wouldn't be an EP ... extra bonus points for their crackling cover of Sweet's "Wigwambam." Smashing!

I need to see if WXDU has received this little gem ... I deem it playlistworthy!

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wordnerdy said...

tehre's a new helen love?!!! yay!!! wxdu has one of their older albums and i loooove it. (one of my friends sent me a bunch of their songs several years ago--they are awesome.)