Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Quick, post something before Blogger eats it!

I have been urged, practially ordered, by BWVentril (who now has to start all over again building his asswich equity at Google now that he's moved his blog) to quit Blogger and use WordPress because Blogger has been sucking so very badly lately. I couldn't post at all yesterday because of its suckiness. I really should make the switch--I've got the domain name and the hosting, because last year I had planned to publish my blogger blog to my own domain. I never ended up doing it because it was just so easy not to. So now I should, but I don't have the time. The cool thing about Blogger is that I didn't have to install anything on my server and then spend hours trying to make it actually work correctly. Will I have to design my own template? Because I don't have time for that either. Will I have to spend all my waking hours battling the comment spam like all the MT people? Cuz I don't wanna do that. In short, the whole thing sounds like a massive pain in the ass that I don't have time for.

Of course, it's my own damn fault that I don't have the time. I didn't have to enroll my second dog in agility classes, or accept a position as an assistant teacher in a Beginner 3 agility class. Three of my weeknights will now be partially consumed by agility (compounded by the fact that, as I learned last night, the Tuesday night agility class crowd likes to go out and have drinks after classes). Then there are agility trials (there's one this weekend here in town that anyone can come watch. I'll be competing on Sunday), flyball practices, flyball tournaments (more drinking there), radio shows ... the end result is that I am completely defying my natural inclinations toward laziness. I have no idea when I would have hours of time to dedicate to the geeky frustrations of migrating my blog from Blogger to WordPress. But I'll figure something out ...

Oh yeah, and speaking of busy, I'll be on yer radio tonight (88.7 for the locals, for the rest), albeit probably a few minutes late (normal show time=8-10 pm). Latin DJ extraordinaire Santa Salsera has graciously agreed to stick around past her show's end time in case I can't quite make it from agility class to the station (with a dog drop at home) in half an hour. She's the best--everyone should also listen to her mad latin-music-spinning skillz from 6-8 pm.


Elizabeth said...

I'm interested in your pending switch, and have all the same questions. Keep us updated!

la1itree said...

Depending on what kind of user control panel your host has, you might have the ability to just install with one click. When I set up mine, I could have installed WP by simply clicking "install" on my control panel. I didn't end up using it, but you might have that option--it's a thingy called Fantastico (I think) that installs stuff for you.

I use MT, and while comment spam is constantly attempting to get in, most of it gets blocked my the MT-Blacklist plugin and I don't have to worry about it. Trackback spam is bigger these days, at least for me, but you can always just turn that off. From what I hear, it's pretty much the same deal with WordPress, but like MT there are plugins that deal with it fairly successfully.

I find the default MT and WP templates pretty ugly, but there are some places you can go to get better pre-fab styles.

Anonymous said...

Yes, one-click Word Press install is pretty excellent. My host, Lunarpages, offers that feature.

I think WP has better built-in spam prevention than MT, which requires that you install and keep up with MT Blacklist. I found that program to be so slow as to be barely useable.

The default WP template isn't so ugly as it is really plan. You can fairly easily install other themes, but I think they are all ugly too. I found WP had a fairly large learning curve, but once I got past that, I really like it better than MT.

After exams are over, I would be happy to help you with installation or configuration of a WP weblog if you haven't already switched. Exams are over mid-May.


Gene said...

Dealing with the the comment spam is the part that's really giving me pause. Well, the other part giving me pause, more on that in a minute. But as I understand it both MT and WP allow you to shut off comments after two weeks, so that's better then Blogger. Hunting down that one comment spam by going through a year's worth of archives on blogspot was not fun.

What's really stopping me is that I'm a cheap bastard who's too lazy to get the hosting and domain lined up (much less paid for). but if you already have that, then why haven't you moved off of Blogger already? And if you're looking for a web guru to custom design a blog template for you, seems to have a few people that specialize in that.

curiouskiwi said...

I just (2 days ago) starting switching my curiouskiwi blog from blogger to WordPress. I haven't had time to tweak it, or tidy it up, but I have got it up and running and have even managed to use Flickr's Blog This to post to it. So if you have any ?s just catch me either on Flickr or Yahoo360...

B. W. Ventril said...

Wordpress 1.5 is a major step up re: comment spam. There's a plug-in (very easy to install) called Spam Karma that automatically updates its blacklist. Anyway, so far no problems (though my blog isn't that old).

As for templates, choosing a Wordpress one is about as easy as doing the same with Blogger, except there are a million more (and better ones) available. If you make the switch let me know, as I have some good template sites.

Damn, I'm evangelizing again! I'll just say this: I totally get using Blogger for its ease and convenience. But it sucks so much so frequently as to negate that.