Thursday, April 07, 2005

Thursday is a noisy day

I took a vacation day today because I want to see The Staircase, which is playing at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival here in lovely Durham. I'd see more of the films but I'm in a time crunch this week (plus the passes are expensive and single films are $10 each). So I'll just see the one that satifies my morbid curiousity (In the early days of this blog I wrote about my experiences at the Michael Peterson estate sale but I hadn't gotten the permalink thing down at that point. So if you want to read about it just look in the November 2003 archive and scroll down to the entries for the 22nd).

Anyway, because today is trash, recycling and yard waste pickup day, the dogs are going nuts at all the activity in front of the house. It's driving me nuts. Maybe I'll go buy a new camera now ...


christa said...

did they show all 8 hours of "the staircase"??!? wow.

how was it? i'd love to see it, but i ain't got the sundance channel. nor do i have time-off to go to the doc fest.

perhaps it'll emerge on DVD sometime soon.

Lisa B. said...

They only showed the first two installments. I'm itching to see the rest now. Full frame has gotten permission to show the rest at a public screening here in Durham "sometime later in the season" so I guess we need to keep our eyes peeled. I don't get Sundance either.

I really liked what I saw, and I was going to write up a review-ette but I got busy at work. We just got back from "Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room" and then we're heading back out at 9:45 to see "Wetback: The Undocumented Documentary." I love Durham.