Friday, May 20, 2005

Me so hungry (mini restaurant review)

This week has been bad on the lunch economy front--I've bought my lunch three out of the five days because I had nothing prepared. (Two of the days I ate microwaved mac & cheese from a box I had stashed in my desk.) Today, I had a very strong hankering for Vietnamese food, so I decided to go get some carry-out from Dalat at Mission Valley (Kim Son in Durham is a far superior Vietnamese restaurant, in case you're wondering). I got the vegetarian vermicelli, which is really a rip-off. For $6.50 you get a pile of rice noodles sprinkled with crushed peanuts with a salad on the side and some sort of sauce I don't know the name of. I feel hungrier now than before I ate that. I had a handful of pretzels in my desk drawer and I've eaten those, but I'm still hungry. But I spent all my available cash on that stupid Dalat food and I have nothing to buy a snack with. I'm wishing I had gotten a sandwich from Cup-A-Joe instead.

And now I'm cranky, so I'm taking it out on Dalat. Don't eat there. It smells funny, too: it's a plastic-tablecloth-wiped-with-a-stale-disgrag smell. Not only that, but it took forever to get my food. Grrr. Now I'm afraid I'm going to sit here and think about food for the rest of the day.

Thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE: I just rummaged through the desk drawers and found a packet of instant oatmeal. Hunger crisis averted.


Elizabeth said...

I think I've had almost the exact same experience before, but keep succumbing because of that painful thing, the "Vietnamese crave."

lisa said...

i'm a fan of dalat and have been going there for many years.

i'm sorry to tell you that the sauce was probably fish sauce.

however, on the up side, i think there are better vegetarian options there, if you ever decide to go back.

i always used to get the soft stir fried rice or egg noodles with tofu. their tofu is golden brown on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. this does come with the fish sauce on the side, but the sauce isn't necessary for it to taste good.

i have had several people-- vegetarians-- tell me that their subs are to die for. i've not yet had one.

the dalat rolls are also good if you like the uncooked type of salad roll.

as a meat eater, i've enjoyed the string bean with chicken dish, and the bowl of vermicelli with meatballs, a spring roll (fried variety) and salad.

i've not yet tried the pho (soup).

christa said...

ooh, i love dalat, too!

since "dalat subs" closed, you have to specifically ask for a sub while dining at dalat. i don't think they even have them on the menu. but yes, they are to DIE FOR.

the only time i went to kim son i ordered chicken & rice... and that's all it was: piece of chicken on white rice. no sauce, no veggies... nothing. based on that one experience, i've never been back.

so in my mind, dalat is superior. :-)

Lisa B. said...

I liked dalat when I ate meat, but the several times I've ordered vegetarian dishes Iwas disappointed. I will try their tofu if I go back. There is a vegetarian platter at Kim Son that is heavenly, and I think I've liked everything I've ordered there ... although I never ordered anything chicken. My philosophy as a meat eater was usually 'If I'm going to eat meat, I'm going to eat REAL meat!" (i.e. beef or pork).

andrew said...

I don't think you even need to discuss the food if the whole place smells funny. That does it in my book.

But be grateful that you have a range of restaurants. Where we live we are an hour from any decent interesting food. Ethnic dining within 20 km of my house is Pizza Delight. I would kill for Viet food right now, even if the place didn't quite smell right.