Monday, May 23, 2005

Not bad for a Monday

I went strawberry picking yesterday with the other Lisa and it was quite pleasant. It doesn't take long to fill a 5-quart bucket, so we were able to get our fill before my knee/back got tired of kneeling/bending. It was a lovely ride to/from in the Spacepod, during which we talked about food, religion and biodiesel. Now I have Spacepod envy.

Lisa wanted strawberries to make jam with, and I just wanted strawberries because I like them ... I didn't really have anything in mind. So when I got home I realized that I needed to actually come up with a purpose for some of them because 5 quarts is a lot more berries than I can eat before they get not-so-fresh. So I adapted a recipe that I usually make with blueberries and vanilla wafers to use strawberries and ladyfingers (just because they happened to have ladyfingers at Harris Teeter). Here's the synopsis: Let a tub of Cool-Whip and a package of cream cheese sit on the counter and soften for a little while. Slice the strawberries (however many looks right .. I didn't measure) and put them in a bowl with some sugar (you don't need a lot--maybe 6 teaspoons, unless you like things really sweet in which case use as much as you want). Open a beer and go outside to enjoy the nice day for a little while the juices seep out of the strawberries and mix with the sugar. When you feel like it, arrange the ladyfingers (or whatever cake- or cookie-like substance you've procured) to cover the bottom of a pan. (I used a 9 x 13 shallow glass dish.) Spoon the strawberries (and their juice) over the ladyfingers to cover. With a hand mixer, whip together the cream cheese and Cool-Whip and spread it evenly over the strawberries. Chill for a while (open a new beer if needed).

I still had a lot of strawberries left, but they are slowly dwindling ... blueberry season is coming!

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