Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Oh good, it's Tuesday already

I was pretty tired all day yesterday, as I usually am the day after a flyball tournament. Plus my back hurt. But despite my initial lack of enthusiasm, I had a good time this weekend. Lucy gave me a bit of a scare Saturday because she slowed way down in the third race and started to seem a little disinterested, which led me to believe that something was hurting her. Her gait did seem very slightly off--I had everyone on our team who was even remotely qualified (one veterinarian, one veterinary student, two vet techs and one future vet tech) watch her walk and give me their opinion. The consensus was that there was a very slight hitch in her step on the right side that looked like it was more of a back problem than a leg problem. So I pulled her out of the last two races (fortunately we had a back-up dog) on Saturday. Sunday she seemed perfecly fine. She ran fast (relatively speaking ... she’s not an exceptionally fast flyball dog), seemed happy and I didn’t notice any issues with her walk.

She seemed fine Monday morning, but when I got home from work she was in a panic to get outside and then when I called her in for dinner, she trembled and gave me a “no, don’t make me go in there” look. That behavior seems to mean one of two things: she’s in pain, or there is a wasp in the house. I was quite relieved to see that there was indeed a wasp in the house (I killed the bastard), and that Lucy was acting happy and peppy and not at all in pain when I came outside with her (she would get all subdued--and refuse to accompany me--when I went inside). She’s kind of a weird little dog, with mood swings and what seems like a lot of little aches and pains. In fact, she’s very much like me. I think I spend half my life in a crappy mood because my back hurts, my knee hurts, my sinuses are bothering me, I have a migraine or whatever. Some days I certainly wouldn’t feel like running back and forth over hurdles to get a stupid tennis ball. So I’d probably slow down if I were feeling a little creaky. So why should Lucy be any different? I’m still planning to have her checked out by a different vet and keep a close eye on her, but I’m not confident that they are going to definitively find what may be causing her pain. Maybe she has the doggie equivalent of fybromyalgia. Do dogs get migraines?

But other than the dog issues, I enjoyed myself. Even when I found myself at the restaurant with onion rings as the only vegetarian option. (Here’s the long story).

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