Thursday, June 16, 2005

circo garcia

circo garcia
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I saw this sign this morning and I though "Darn, I missed the circus from Mexico" (shhh, they're really based in Texas, but it's close to the border). But then I was listening to La Ley ("LA QUE MANDA LAS CAROLINAS") at lunchtime and I heard them announce that Circo Garcia would be at the fairgrounds this weekend as well (I checked the NC State fairgrounds calendar and sure enough, it's true). I looked at the Circo Garcia web site and it doesn't appear that they have any elephants to feel sorry for, which is what usually keeps me away from the circus. (But they do have The Mighty King Kongo, a "a giant gorila robot almost 40 ft. tall"--who doesn't want to see that?). I wonder if, given that Mr. Pants and I will be painting the house in the heat all weekend, he would be up to going? Anyone else interested?


elsacapuntas said...

did you say gorilla robot?! i am so there. will you take me with you?

c-lock aka elsacapuntas

Lisa B. said...

Yes, I did indeed say gorilla robot! You can come with, but I have no idea which one show will attend. I forgot to ask Mr. Pants last night ... I wonder if he's read this entry. I'll hammer it out (I'm thinking one of the Saturday even shows).