Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Dig my new color!

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So the housepainting is progressing apace. Actually, not very quickly at all. I'm a slow painter. And Mr. Pants, in his scraping/sanding duties, found a rotten bit of soffit (or maybe it was fascia, I can't remember) that was apparently caused by a bit of sloppiness on the part of the roofer who fixed the house after the big ice storm a few years ago. So the painting prep stopped while he replaced some wood and caulked a place that should have been caulked before. But sooner or later the house is going to look so cool.

Tonight I've got to prepare a picnic, because a couple of Flickerati are stopping in town Wednesday on their road trip across the US. They only have an hour before they have to get back on the road (they hope to be in Asheville by 10 pm), so I told them I'd have a nice picnic waiting for them in Trinity Park. So, picnic with Striatic and Emily Ann from 5 to 6 pm Wednesday at the Trinity Park gazebo. If you want to come bring some nosh or drinks and join us.


andrew said...

That is a gorgeous color!
How old is your house?

Sarah said...

I love the color! your house is looking fantastic!

Lisa B. said...

hey thanks, y'all! The house was built in 1924. It's a little bungalow.

BTW, Andrew, I checked out your site and your house looks great, too. Maybe when your next book is readsy I can go edit it on-site!

andrew said...

That sounds like a fair exchange! You two can come you here for a complimentary week, and Mark can go out and enjoy the local area while you are chained in your room editing my book! Great - thanks!