Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I bring you blueberries

it's blueberry season in NC!
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To atone for the awful mental images of babies spitting up breast milk that I gave you yesterday, I've brought you some blueberries, fresh from the farmers' market. A co-worker is working on a publication that could use a blueberry photo or two, and she said she wished she could got to the farmers' market and take some pictures. I mentioned that we have a very nice Nikon digital that our employers thoughtfully bought us for just such occasions, but she hemmed and hawed ... then I offered to go to the market and take some blueberry photos for her. She brightened up and said "Would you? I know they would be good ones!" Well that was so sweet of her to say that of course I had to do it. Plus, as it was a work-related excursion, I got to do it on work time.

The above photo was posed at home with some berries I bought, however. Blueberries get much more relaxed when you get them out of the market. See how serene they look in their little basket?

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andrew said...

This means it canonly be three months till blueberry season up here in the frozen north!