Friday, June 17, 2005

Restaurant review: Sunflowers on Peace

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I went with my pal Lia (and her beau Steve) to the Sunflowers on Peace St. in Raleigh today. It's in what used to be a fast food place--I think it was a Hardee's. We anticipated that it would get crowded quickly, so we aimed our arrival time to be close to 11:30 am. Sure enough, minutes after we came in the line became insanely long. It looks like a popular place for the "ladies who lunch" crowd dressed in Cameron Village chic. I vowed not to hold it against the place.

Sunflowers is just a sandwich joint, or as I prefer, a "sammich" joint. The cool thing is that there are tons of vegetarian selections--one side of the menu is all vegetarian. I was torn between the Avocado Pesto Melt, The Veggie Club and the Vegetarian Focaccia. I chose the Avocado Pesto melt, which is basically a grilled cheese with avocadoes, tomatoes, onions and--allegedly--some pesto mayonnaise. I didn't taste even a hint of pesto. It was kind of a bland sandwich. But it was on good bread, and they got the grilling part perfect (I'm a Certified Grilled Cheese Expert, so I know what I'm talking about), so I give them a few points. But it wasn't the kind of sandwich that made me think "Oh my god I've just got to get back to Sunflowers and have that sandwich again." It was more like "Meh, that was lunch and it cost me $6.28 without a drink."

In comparison, on Monday I went to Harris Teeter and bought a bag of bagels, some Rondelé cheese and some alfalfa/radish sprouts for a little over $5, and it provided me with really delicious lunches for four days (it would have been 5 days but I decided to go out with Lia today, so I'll take the leftovers home). What a deal! And listen, you should try a nice poppyseed bagel with some Rondelé and sprouts. It's fantastic.

As for Sunflowers, they still have several veggie items on the menu that sound promising, so I'll have to eat there again. The really cool thing is that they are using the old fast food drive-thru window for call-in orders, so you can zip by and get your food in a jiffy--useful for most days when I only take a half-hour lunch.

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