Tuesday, June 07, 2005


"Lactivists" are protesting anything or anyone that impedes or impugns their right to booby-feed their babies wherever they want. They're mad at Barbara Walters, who said sitting next to a breast-feeding woman on a plane made her "uncomfortable." Well I'm with Barbara. Yuck. Double-yuck. Yuck yuck yuck.

It's not the breasts that are gross, it's the breast milk. The very idea of it grosses me out. The babies gross me out, too. They're little spit-up machines, and the thought that a baby near me could be spitting up breast milk really, really grosses me out. Spit-up and breast milk are two of the many, many reasons why I never wanted kids. How it is that someone else's right to whip her booby out and suckle her kid 'till he spews trumps my right not to be grossed out when I want to sit down and enjoy a nice dinner or a movie?


Anonymous said...

...and of course there is the spillage issue. I was once soaked head to toe by a breast feeding miss fire on a city bus.

Anonymous said...

yer not too with it are ya? you want nursing mothers to be segregated now? lets put signs up "no nursing mothers" "no lactating women". perhaps these offensive people should stay indoors until they recover.

Lisa B. said...

Sounds fine to me.