Tuesday, July 05, 2005

It's good to get away ...

So we went to visit Sassafrass (she's our boat) in Oriental this weekend. Well, actually I should say Whortonsville, because about a month ago Mr. Pants moved her to a new marina. It was a great move--the new marina is such a pretty place and the people are really nice. The dockmaster had a pig pickin' on Sunday, which was fun even though we don't eat pig--there was plenty of non-meat food and beer.

I had thought about not going--I was having house-painting anxiety and felt like I should use the three day weekend to paint. So I told Mr. Pants to just leave without me on Saturday morning, which he happily did because he had no desire to paint. So I started painting, and then I was thinking about sitting on the water, drinking a beer, maybe reading a book or just staring off into the distance, and I regretted staying home. Then Mr. Pants called and said that a friend of ours had moved her houseboat to our marina, and then I really wanted to go. So I washed up my brushes, tossed some stuff into a bag and headed down east with my little dog in the back seat. I'm really glad I did. Now I'm in a hurry to get the house finished so I can go back down again soon.

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andrew said...

That is a very good story of a weekend regained. There should be more tales like this in the world. Congratulations in dumping house painting for recreation.