Thursday, July 07, 2005

It's shite, I tell you ....

OK, I'm now really pissed off at Gmail for the first time, because every time I try to access it my browswer goes into a spaz. It may not be Gmail, though--it's possible that the culprit is the "Surf Control" software that a certain chowderhead bureaucrat decreed should be installed on our network. I think this because the browser's little little status bar flickers between "connecting to" and "Surf Control-Checking URL." If it continues I'm going to go complain to the nice foks in IS, because they may have the power to help me.

At any rate, to revisit a topic I mentioned last week, I got yet another request from another person wanting to use some of my photos in books. This time it's someone putting together a series of tomes for design students. It sounded cool to me, and he was up front about the fact that he could not offer a fee but if they used 20 of my photos they could offer free book. So far he's interested in 12. I'm going to let him.

So that made me rethink the earlier request to use my photos, and I realized that because I didn't really give a crap about the two photos the woman wanted to use, why not just let her use them? I mean, what the hell ... I only even posted them to Flickr for the enjoyment of a few people--the ones present at the time and a few of their friends and aquaintances. Why not just let them be useful to someone? It's not as if I'm sitting on a goldmine by protecting those photos from use.

Sarah had asked in a comment whether this little event has caused me to rethink the Creative Commons licensing of my pix. Not really--I'm still a big believer in encouraging art for art's sake and sharing stuff for non-commercial purposes. I think if I seriously thought I was going to make a living off my photos I might rethink that, but I've got this day job so I can just do the photography thing for the joy it brings me.

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