Monday, August 08, 2005

Better than I expected

hole in the wall
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So the weekend wasn't as bad as I was thinking it was going to be. We painted all day Saturday, which was a drag, but then Saturday night we went on an adventure of sorts, eating at a completely unknown-quantity Salvadoran place (El Guanaco on Geer St.) with the folks next door. Our neighbor Paul is a teacher, and one of his students said her aunt owned a restaurant, so we decided to check it out. It seemed dicey at first--the facade of the place shows no windows, so we had no idea what we would be walking into. The decor was in the neo-half-finished-basement style, complete with lots of pool tables and a very loud jukebox, and we were the only gringos there. Sometimes that's a good sign if you're looking for good, authentic food, and indeed it was great food. I had pupusas, which were awesome. It was a cheap meal, too.

Then we went out for drinks at the new Tyler's in the American Tobacco complex. It's a fine place to have a beer--they have a huge selection--but the decor and environment felt a little generic. Nonetheless I'm sure we'll go back because Paul's friend Spencer is the manager and Spencer is a really good guy. Besides, we will need to try the food at some point because we're getting sick of going to the same old restaurants all the time.

The very best part of the weekend came on Sunday, because Paul and Traci actually cam over and helped us paint our house. They said they had nothing better to do ... I can think of lots of better things to do, but I kept my mouth shut because I was thrilled at someone had actually offered to help paint. They were a huge help, too--the end of this project is now in sight! And we have the best neighbors evah!


Elizabeth said...

Did they have loroco? That's my favorite.

Yay Paul and Traci!

Lisa B. said...

it was listed on the menu but when I asked about it the aitress said they didn't have any. maybe they were just out.