Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Oh, hello ...


It seems I've been running around playing with dogs and taking photos for the last four days, and neglecting my virtual life on this here bloggy thing. Sorry. I won't do the whole recap of my eventful weekend, except to say that I was at a flyball tournament, it was rather hot and humid (and by that I mean downright torrid) and I'm going through another "need a new dog" phase.

I pass through this phase every now and then, when I meet a dog or two who need homes. Take Bizzi for example, pictured above, who is being fostered by my friend Diane. She's a very sweet little dog with a nice athletic build (she's about the same size as Lucy--about 15 inches high at the withers and around 20 lbs.). She'd probably be a super agility dog, once she's all trained up. But her previous owner apparently didn't take her anywhere or let her meet people, and she's very timid. She warmed up to me a little after I fed her treats and sweet-talked her (at first she wouldn't even take a treat out of my hand--she'd just sniff it and skulk behind Diane's legs). By the end of the weekend, she would creep up on me when I wasn't looking to see if there were any more bits of cheese forthcoming. I could even get her to sit or lie down for a treat (Diane has been doing a bit of training with her.)

At Diane's house, where Bizzi has become comfortable, she's a very playful and active dog. Diane has three other dogs, all the size of small horses, and Bizzi gets along well with them. She seemed to like other dogs and didn't mind them walking right up to her--only the people scared her. It would take time, patience and energy to get Bizzi ready for training, but she would be so worth it. Unfortunately, there is a no-new-dogs-until-one-of-the-cats-dies moratorium in place at our house, so I don't think Bizzi will be coming home with me. But if anyone needs a very sweet little dog ...

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