Thursday, September 15, 2005

Advance warning, among other things

So I've still got some "community Involvement" leave and I want to use it in some way that benefits people or animals. I called the Town & Country kennel--the one that was supposed to be getting animals rescued from Katrina--and no animals have arrived. They don't really know what the holdup is, but they don't need volunteers yet. They said they would call me if they did. I called the Wake County SPCA and the girl I talked to was rather rude and dismissive--as if she had nothing but disdain for people who wished to volunteer their time. They're not really doing anything helpful anyway, from what I can tell. So maybe I'll just go help people navigate through the circles of hell, like Sarah did. Sounds like more of a drag than cleaning up dog poop, however ...

And now your advance warning: The voice you will hear, should you tune your radio to 88.7 FM (locals) or clickety-click on over to (el resto del mundo) from 1-3 pm Saturday (Eastern US time), shall be mine. The theme for this version of the Mondo Mundo world music extravagana shall be "Songs I Really Like A Lot."

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