Thursday, September 08, 2005

And now for a little warming of the heart ...

Occasionally when someone online somewhere mentions rescuing animals stranded in the areas hit by Katrina, they get a comment or two to the effect of "who cares about the animals? What about the people?" News flash: it's possible to care about people AND animals. In fact, so many people were forced by circumstances to flee without their animals that it is an act of compassion toward them to try to care for the loved ones they left behind.

Fortunately, almost everyone I know personally feels that saving the animals is just as worthwhile as saving the people, so I've collected some links on the topic:

Here's a video about animals rescued from the Superdome.

The Houston SPCA has already celebrated 86 happy reunions.

The North Shore Animal League is keeping an "Animal Rescue Blog."

The ASPCA is keeping a Rescue Diary.

Best Friends Animal Society is operating out of Franklinton, MS, and sending rescue patrols to Orleans Paris in LA. They have updates here.

Petfinder is also posting updates on animal rescue efforts.

Unfortunately, the Noah's Wish website account has been suspended (, no doubt because of all the hits they have received in respojnse to their hurricane animal rescue work. Fortunately Mr. Pants was able to get them a donation while their site was up. They have been on the ground rescuing animals in Slidell, LA, since last week.

I'm still waiting to hear from the kennel in Apex that is expecting some Katrina rescues. I think I'll be able to use some of my "community involvement leave" time to volunteer if they need me.

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wordnerdy said...

my mom was telling me something about oprah's coverage of katrina, and i swear she said something about a guy being reunited with his dog on the show, and she and my dad were both crying as they watched. my mom was outraged that people couldn't bring pets along and admired the dude who stayed at the hospital with the 50 animals.

in brief: you are not the only one who feels this way. i come from a family of animal-lovers who are heartbroken at the loss of all the beloved pets.