Monday, September 26, 2005

Flyball recovery day

I'm feeling a bit better, thanks for asking.

I spent the weekend at a flyball tournament, hosted by my club at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh. I was actually dreading this weekend because I have been feeling so tired and achey, and flyball always takes a toll on me. It's especially bad when my club hosts the tournament because it involves a lot of physical labor. I took Friday off work to help set up, which involves rolling out lots of heavy rubber matting and taping it all down in the right places. Then after the tournament, everything needs to be taken apart, rolled up, and loaded into trucks and trailers. I tried to do as little heavy lifting as possible and still not appear to be a slacker.

Fortunately I'm no more tired today than I usually am after a flyball weekend. Unfortunately, I'm usually quite tired and achey after a flyball weekend. So I'm still sort of dragging ass, but I'm not concerned about it.

My little dog is sort of dragging ass, too, as she always does the morning after a dog-sport event, but this time I'm a little concerned because she just didn't seem as excited about flyball as she used to be. Not that she's ever been one of the gonzo dogs who act like they would chew off their own tails for a chance to play flyball. Observers always remark about how calm Lucy is while all the rest of the flyball dogs are barking their heads off and spewing spittle because they just can't wait to run down the lane and get the ball. But yesterday Lucy seemed really, really bored. Or maybe I'm projecting my own feelings onto my dog. I was kinda bored during all of our races. Maybe I won't do much more flyball. Maybe I'd be more interested if I had a border collie that howled with excitement at the thought of runing over some jumps and bringing back a ball over and over again. Mr. Gomez would have made a really fun flyball dog. Too bad Mr. Pants wouldn't let me borrow his dog.

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