Sunday, October 09, 2005

Drink up, kids

I have had many opportunities to empirically verify that one's ability to recover from bouts of excessive alcohol consumption decreases as one gets older. The latest such experiment was yesterday, the occasion being my next-door neighbors' wedding. Well, the reception, actually. The wedding itself featured no alcohol consumption, but there was a bridesmaid with two broken arms, in addition to several pre-verbal toddlers who added their commentary to the proceedings.

The open-bar reception also presented an occasion to rediscover that one shouldn't discuss politics and religion with strangers, even if the several beers one has consumed say it's OK to blurt out one's lefty atheistic opinions. The beers usually neglect to warn one that the guy with which one is conversing looks a lot like a conservative Republican Baptist from Texas.

Indeed, the only really safe thing to do on such occasions is to demonstrate the proper way to shake one's healthy butt to the sound stylings of Sir Mix-A-Lot. The several or more beers are of great assistance in such an endeavor.

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