Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Everybody else loves it

So everyone's all happy that autumn is here, with its pretty colored leaves and crisp days. Not me. I'm bummed that now I have to wear socks every day now. Plus my hands are already starting to feel dry and stingy, my lips are chapped and before long my nose will be running like a faucet all day every day. I fully expect to be miserable until sometime in March. Autumn sucks.


christa said...

oh, and i thought i was the only one!!!

i hate socks, too. i love sandals and open shoes. i hate having to put on lotion twelve times a day. and i hate having the furnace on!

Lisa B. said...

Lets run away together to St. Croix!

lisa said...

humidifier! crank it up! i've got one i need to sell if you need one.

also, nature's gate colloidial oatmeal lotion from whole foods is excellent. best to put it on right after showering.

Lisa B. said...

Humidifier! Great idea ... let me know how much you want for it, we'll talk!