Sunday, October 30, 2005

Fun with security guards

I almost got arrested for this pic.
Originally uploaded by Mr. Gomez.

Mr. Pants had a showdown at the Target corral today over taking pix on their property. He correctly answered "no" when they told him he would have to delete the photos he had taken. They threatend to call the cops and he called their bluff and said "Go ahead. I'll see you in court over Spongebob." I'm sure the last thing they wanted was a bunch of cop cars showing up in their parking lot over a guy who was photographing Spongebob Squarepants.

He said they were stunned when he said "no way" to their demand to delete the photos. I think security guards just assume that everyone will respect their authority--even when they are dead wrong and have no legal basis for that "authority." The truth is, they cannot confiscate your film or make you delete photos. They can tell you to stop (and Mr. Pants agreed to stop when they told him to) and they can make you leave their property (they never asked him to leave) and that's it. Here's a handy little guide to one's rights as a photographer, in case anyone's interested.

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andrew said...

Good for Mr. BoP! I am so happy when i hear stories of people standing up to illegal bullying such as at Target and WalMart.

I often think that if i ever buy a digital camera i should get it from Wal-Mart, unpack it immediately and and start taking photos there in the store. I would like to see them argue with me about taking photos with a camera bought from them...

Anyway, well done. I just survived a skirmish with American security, the guise of the department of Homeland Security. Read all about it.