Thursday, October 06, 2005

It went ok, I guess

So last night's radio show went from being the "Mid-Life Crisis Mix" to being the "Real-Time Crisis Mix" when I had my first experience with WXDU's spiffy on-line playlisting system. As instructed, I logged in, changed my password and set up my preferences. But the thing didn't like my preferences, and kept giving me a "fatal error" when I tried to start a playlist. So I did what anyone would do when trying to keep a radio show going whilst dealing with unccoperative computer software: I swore like a sailor. Fortunately the microphone was off at the time. I think. Anyway, helpful fellow DJ Santa Salsera helped me figure out that the software didn't like the subtitle I gave my show. It didn't like my syntax. Nobody likes my syntax. After I deleted the offending subtitle, the software was extremely cooperative, and you can see the results of my efforts here.


elsacapuntas said...

dude, those colors are so 1990!

georg said...

what, did you accidentally end up with a subtitle that could be read as html code?
(i'm curious as to whether this comment will post. if it does, i'll go back and repost the one that got lost yesterday)

Lisa B. said...

I thought I was posting in English. I used some apostrophes ... maybe that was it.

Sorry yer comment was eaten.

lisa said...

hey-- we really need to know exactly what you tried that didn't work. that's a bug i need to fix. if you can recall the exact problem, can you report it to the computing address or me personally?

those colors are actually so 1997, which is when i designed the site. web browsers didn't display background colors, or any color at all, in 1990, because web browsers then were lynx.