Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sorry you asked ...

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I had to miss THE Halloween party last night because I had what appears to have been a recurrence of my bubonic plague. I was feeling really cruddy on Friday night, and then just as cruddy Saturday morning. I stayed on the couch all day.

I also had a very strange episode in which I became convinced that I was either having a bona-fide panic attack or a heart attack. It went thusly: One of my symptoms is body aches, usually in my legs but Saturday morning it was my arms--a bit more in the left than the right. I didn't think much about it until later, when I started feeling an unbearable restlessness and anxiety, which was really disturbing in its intensity, especially in light of the fact that I was too fatigued to move around much, but I couldn't sit still. The scariest thing was that I literally felt crazy--it was such an abnormal feeling that I though I must be going off the rails. Then I started focusing on my left arm pain and I though "Oh my god, I'm having a heart attack!" I knew a guy who dropped dead of a heart attack at age 19, so nothing is out of the question. I went online and googled something like "symptoms of heart attack" and came up with a list. No, I wasn't having chest pains or shortness of breath ... but the symptom that stuck out the most was "Feeling of Impending Doom." Well, having been convinced that I was going crazy, sure I felt some impending doom ...

But after a few minutes of not dropping dead but still feeling fatigued, I thought "Yeah, so maybe I'm having a heart attack. Fuck it, I'm really tired and I want to lie down." So I curled up on the couch and fell asleep. After I woke up and thought clearly fo a moment, I realized what probably had happened. I had an extra cup of coffee that morning and then, feeling very sinusy, had taken two pseudoephedrine tablets (I usually only take one). I think that in combination, the caffeine and pseudoephedrine made me a little nuts.

Or maybe I had a heart attack. It happens.


andrew said...

On halloween we went to my niece's first birthdya party and then went on the 'Ghosts and Gallows' haunted walking tour of Ottawa.

A few minutes into the tour I thought i was going to have a heart attack. A pain in my left arm was getting worse by the minute, and of course the more convinced you are that you are going to have a heart attack the more anxious you become. I was imagining the haunted tour of years to come talking about the guy who "dropped dead on the ghost tour in this very spot and who haunts the tour to this very day."

I still had the pains when I went ot bed that evening and was presuming I would never wake up again. Next day i realised what had caused it and felt foolish for not thinking of it before: we went to my niece's birthday withou having lunch and there was mostly children's food on offer. Realsiing that I wouldn't get any supper that evening becuase we were going directly to the ghost tour, I had quaffed two portions of aple pie and cherry ice cream in the 5 minutes before we left the party.

Indegestion and heart attacks apparently have some symptoms in common.

Lisa B. said...

I've heard that a lot of people mistake heart attack symptoms for indigestion, so I guess it follows that sometimes the reverse is true.

andrew said...

I mistook a greedy pig (myself) for a heart attack victim. Oh well, i am sure the former will one day lead to the latter :-(

Anonymous said...
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