Wednesday, October 05, 2005

You are a bore, and a very dull one at that

Oh, what fun these internets are. Looking for something else entirely, I stumbled across a Random Insult Generator, apparently designed for message board denizens not bright enough to craft their own insults. But much more interesting is the "Swearsaurus," with which you can learn to say really horrible things to people in many, many languages. Most of them are not very imaginative, involving the body parts and procreative activities of the recipient, his mother or his father. But there are a few fun ones: "Che bi bili mozhgani dinamit, tebi she nosu ne bi razneslo" is Slovenian for "If brains were dynamite, even your nose wouldn't explode" or "Yer bum's oot a windae," (Your bottom is protruding from an open casement), which is apparently a lowland Scots way of saying someone is making a fool of himself.

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