Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Beware the beer

So Georg chronicled last night's bowling fun accurately. My scores ranged from respectable (136) to poor (<100). Mr. Pants wiped the floors with the rest of us in the first game by rolling a 223. A great time was had by all and I may have gotten a decent picture or two but I don't have the stamina right now to look.

The reason for this is what happened after bowling. I had partaken of the cheap bowling alley beer, but not to the extent that I expected to suffer any ill effects. But on the way home, I started feeling sort of dizzy and unable to focus my eyes (good thing Mr. pants was driving). It got worse and worse so that when I got into bed I was definitely feeling the spins. I managed to fall asleep until I was awakend a couple of hours later by one of the most horrendous headaches I've had in years. I had to move to the sofa in the hopes that my writhing wouldn't wake up Mr. Pants, but it was too late--I managed to ruin his night's sleep along with my own. Then my stomach joined in the fun so I was ... what's a nice delicate euphemism? Chatting up the porcelain god? Needless to say I stayed home from work today in misery, and the headache finally left at around 2 pm.

I really don't think it was the beer. I drank no more than I would at the average party, which isn't really that much (my upper limit is 3 beers). Perhaps my body, accustomed to finer brews, was rebelling against being forced to consume Anheuser-Busch products. Or maybe I was just due for a monster migraine. Maybe I caught a stomach bug and it came with a headache. At any rate, now my brain associates bowling alley beer with very bad things. It's a pity because without it rolling gutter balls probably isn't as much fun.


georg said...

that both sucks and blows. glad you're feeling better by now. and altho a night of chundering is never a good thing, at least it's only michelob you're now put off by.
and on the upside, i hear that the green room has over 60 kinds of beer so at least one of them should be decent...

Reuben said...

Don't be so quick to blame the beer. Sure, it was cheap, bowling alley beer, but, c'mon, there are so many other factors involved when you go to these places. In the tradition of House, M.D., I would guess that the combination of the beer, that spray they use on the shoes and whatever else was on the hundereds of other hands that touched your bowling ball, the chairs, the tables, that computer-thing you use to program the scorecard and the counter at the snack bar could be the culprit.

Hope you feel better.