Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Get out!

Holy crap is all I can say ... Dr. Noah Drake is coming back to General Hospital! I might have to look into seeting up a Freevo system, seeing as how the whole wretched day-job thing effectively killed my soap opera habits (I was able to keep the habit going in my early working years because i worked nights at a newspaper).

Which reminds me of one of those memories you're not sure if you want to share ... but oh what the hell, what's the point of having a blog if you don't give people too much information? OK, here it is: in 1982 I saw Rick Springfield live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I could give more info that explains why I was there (Aside from my General Hospital obsession I wasn't really a Rick Springfied fan), bu I'll refrain because, honestly, I enjoyed the concert. So there.

But back to the soaps, i'd still like to see a return of Billy Clyd tuggle to All My Children ...


Sarah said...

I've been seeing ads for Rick Springfield's return to GH but I haven't seen any of the episodes. I don't watch GH anymore because it's too awful even for me.

It would be nice to see Dr. Noah again though. Maybe I'll catch the Soapnet marathon this weekend. (by the way, don't you have cable? Soapnet repeats the ABC shows every night, and then does a marathon of the whole week's episodes on the weekend.)

All the ABC shows are doing the retro thing right now: besides Noah Drake, Robin Scorpio is also back on GH; Janet from another Planet is on AMC; and Carlo Hesser is on OLTL. Isn't Billy Clyde Tuggle dead?

Sarah said...

ok, have to comment on my own comment. I looked it up and Billy Clyde is dead. And not just "dead" but actually dead, they showed the body.

Lisa B. said...

Soap Opera magic knows no bounds! I'm sure they can find a way to bring him back anyway!

Did you know that the actor who played Billy Clyde is married to Christine Baransky?

I do have cable, but my busy dog schedule makes it hard to even watch nightime TV. That's why Freevo would be a big help ...

But we do still have a VCR, and I may just tape the few episodes with Noah Drake. I only want to see it for him because you're right, GH really is stupid, even by soap opera standards.