Friday, November 04, 2005

Hard to believe ...

... or maybe not. But I was very surprised to learn that we are not the owners of the only dog in the world named "Mr. Gomez": Mr. Gomez Leads the Pack.

But our dog's actual real name is "Mr. Bob Gomez." Although he prefers the formality of the courtesy title and his surname, he will allow friends and family to call him "Gomey." (perhaps we were first? I have no idea when the other Mr. Gomez got his name, but ours was named in 1998.)

Until he begins his agility competition, this is the best example I have of my Mr. Gomez in action. (If the clip wont play, click "save this clip" and it just might work.)

Also, just because I love pointless endeavors, I have started a collection of "mrgomez" tagged bookmarks on

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