Monday, November 14, 2005

How was I to know?

So this morning my co-workers brought in bagels in belated honor of my birthday (they didn't know if I was going to be in on Thursday so they postponed it). One of the guys from the print shop came up with some questions, and I told him to have a bagel. I had no idea that he had never had one before, so I didn't think to instruct him on the proper way to enjoy a bagel (Cut it open and spread the cream cheese of youir choice on it). He just picked up a whole wheat one and started eating it like a doughnut, hating it immediately. Poor guy will never touch a bagel ever again.

Anyway, I had a fab time at an agility trial this weekend. We got first place in everything we entered. OK, full disclosure: The only other dogs entered in Lucy's height class were either absent or had no intention whatsoever of running the actual agility course. One of them, a cute little Jack Russell terrier, decided that he would rather hide in a tunnel than run the course. His owner had to crawl into the tunnel on his belly to get his dog. So we got first place even on the course where I forgot where I was supposed to go immediately after the first obstacle. Other than that course, our runs were as close to perfect as I can reasonably expect. We came in well under time in all of them, including the jumpers run in which Lucy stopped twice to wag her tail at Mr. Pants, who was capturing the run on video. He later confessed that he had given her a french fry shortly before the run, so she was either saying thanks or asking if he had another one handy.

Today I'm tired and a little sore from all the running around. But I can't wait to do it again.


Gene said...

No fair, I wanted fries too!

Lisa B. said...

There may still be a few at the bottom of the bag ... they're a little cold by now, though.