Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mission accomplished

I'm back from Thanksgiving with me mum. I spent a lot of time taking photos--far too many of them, really. I haven't even had a chance to look at them all, so I imagine I'll be uploading my favorites to the Flickr stream bit by bit over the next few days.

Probably the most interesting thing about my trip is that I went all the way from Durham to Myrtle Beach and back without using a single interstate highway. I normally take some non-interstate roads between Lumberton, NC and MB, but this time I decided I wanted nothing at all to do with I-95, because even if there isn't construction or an accident, it's just crazy and I hate it. People drive like idiots on I-95 more than any other interstate I've ever traveled. Besides, it's a more interesting trip off the interstate, although it takes longer.

In case you're interested (and I have one or two road-trip geeks among my friends and acquaintances) here are the routes: I took NC 751 south to US 1. I meant to stay on US 1 until Southern Pines, but I accidentally took US 15-501 a bit early, which resulted in a slight detour--no big deal because I had to eventually take 15-501 to Laurinburg anyway. (At one point, I missed a turn that would have kept me on 15-501 and found myself going into the little town of Carthage, so I decided Lucy and I would have a little walkabout and I'd take a few pics.) So once I got back on course, I picked up US 74 in Laurinburg (according to the signs it will eventually become Interstate 74). Near the little town of Chadbourn, I took NC 410 to Tabor City (Home of the North Carolina Yam Festival), where I picked up US 701, taking it to SC 9 near a little hamlet called Loris. Near North Myrtle Beach I got on SC 31, a brand-new interstate-like highway that zipped me right into Myrtle Beach. The way back was similar, except that I decided to stay on 410 north to a tiny blip on the map called Dublin, NC, where I picked up NC 87. I could have stayed on 87 all the way to Chapel Hill (It becomes one with 15-501 for a long way), but I didn't want to go through Fayetteville because, well who really wants to go through Fayetteville? So I took NC 20 to Raeford, picked up NC 211 to US 1 in Aberdeen. Then I mde the mistake of trying 15-501 for the rest of the way, forgetting about the horrible traffic that always exists between Chapel Hill and Durham (751 is a much better choice).

It's rather pathetic that my choice of routes is the most interesting part of the holiday, isn't it? Oh yeah, I also developed a wicked addiction to the little "Freecell" game that comes as part of the Windows OS. I'm really good at it.

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Elizabeth said...

We followed a very similar route on the way to our Thanskgiving in Laurinburg, but we went 87 to 15-501 there, and 74 to 220 to Greensboro back.

I know. Fascinating. Deciding on the route is one of the better parts of the trip.