Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The food, it was OK

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So I brought eats to work for my turn at the "it's the holidays so we must shovel food down our maws" table. I made gingerbread, per Lisa L's recipe, and deviled eggs from my own recipe. For my tastes, the gingerbread was a bit too molasses-y, but others (people who like molasses more than I do) liked it. I think I made it a bit too dry somehow--maybe I baked it a few minutes too many. The deviled eggs were just right for my taste, but then I made up the recipe to suit myself. It goes a little something like this:

Boil up a mess o'eggs (I think I did something like 22 in this batch) according to whatever formula you use for egg-boiling. Peel 'em, slice them in half, and dump the yolks in a bowl.
Add mayonnaise and mustard to the yolks ... the quantity depends on how many yolks you have, but you want a lot mor mayo than mustard, unless you like your deviled eggs really mustardy. I never measure, I just add a little, mash & stir, add a little more, mash and stir, and just keep doing that until the consistency of the mixture is right--sort of a midpoint between stiff and creamy.
Chop up some dill pickles into teensy tiny bits (again, the quantity depends on how many yolks you have and how pickle-y you want your deviled eggs. I like mine rigght pickle-y). Add them, and a spoonful or two of pickle juice, to the yolk mixture.
Chop up some jalapeƱos into teensy tiny bits. How man, you ask? Well how much kick do you want your deviled eggs to have? You can always add more later if it's too mild, so be conservative at first. Add them, with a spoonful or two of jalapeƱo juice, to the yolk mixture.

Stir it all up some more.

Now you can shove some of the yolk mixture into each egg-white half, sprinkle with some paprika for beauty's sake, and serve. But if you're going to transport them first, you may want to wait.

Transporting deviled eggs is a big pain in the ass because you can't really stack 'em, and you have to make sure the container stays upright and level the entire way or you arrive with a container full of godawful mess. So this time I used a tip that I found somewhere online: put eh egg-white halves in a container, and shovel all of the yolk mixture into a plastic bag. Transport them separately, and when you arrive at your destination, arrange the halves on a serving plate, cut the corner off the plastic bag, and pipe the yolk mixture into the halves.

Be sure to eat several right away because people like deviled eggs and they usually go fast.

Oh, and behold the wondrous photo at the top o' this post. I was taken by Mr. Pants. Love it, pamper it, whisper sweet things into its ear.

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